Tommy RAGE

We catch up with the man behind the Passion4Portablism movement.....

Sept '19

When did you start DJing?

I started DJing about 10 years ago, starting in my bedroom and then moving 

on to club/bar gigs and the occasional wedding/corporate function.

I started scratching/portablism properly in October 2018

What, or who got you into scratching and DJing?

I was inspired to start DJing by being an avid supporter of Tim Westwood.

After attending a lot of his jams I finally decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since.

I hooked up with SkratchLinkUp after Beatgeek 2018.

The team (who are so welcoming and friendly) motivated me to 

start my portablist/scratching journey and I love it.

How did you learn? 

I learned the basics of DJing from a face-to-face course I attended in London many moons ago.

Then I put in as many hours practice in as possible.

I found the digital DJ Tips online courses were also very helpful to build my confidence with power mixing techniques etc.

With scratching, I always learnt the most by meeting up with SkratchLinkUp and observing the wide range of awesome talent. 

Describe your current portable set up?

I own 4 Numark PT01 Scratch turntables at present, my fave is the highly modded PT01-“Rage MK1”

Most notable mods are:

Jesse Dean contactless fader

Jesse Dean carbon fibre tonearm with Shure M44 stylus 

Infinity platter

DJ Woody Grind strip 

Jesse Dean target light

Jesse Dean start stop button.

Power band mod. 

I also own an unused vestax Handy Trax and the new SC1000 from

Home set up?

For club DJing I own a pair of Pioneer CDJ 900 nexus

For scratching I have a pair of Pioneer PLX1000’s

I use the Pioneer DJM S9 for both setups.

Serato all day! 

Any mods/accessories you’re keen to purchase next?

I’ve purchased the ultra pitch / reverse / start stop 3 in 1 mod from portablismgear and will be fitting that to the PT01 “Rage Mk2“

when the project begins (I will be building the MK2 step by step on my official YouTube channel) - (Passion4portablism).

Editor – This is now ready! Check out the video here

Favourite records to cut with?

Wow there’s so many to choose from (yes I admit I’m a 7inch scratch vinyl junkie and currently own more than 70!!)

I guess my favourite at the moment has to be the Superseal Pro VII which comes in sexy hot pink vinyl.

Any Mix you’re particularly proud of?

My last Mixtape: “Let’s Get Lit in Ibiza with Tommy Rage” (Mixcloud)

Anything else you’d like to promote? 

Thanks to everyone who came out to support at the Summer Scratch Jam(July ’19) in Cambridge, a Portablist event supported by SLU in aid of the Mind charity

Any advice you'd like to give people learning to scratch?

Keep practicing and don’t rush yourself, 

you will forge your own unique style once everything clicks into place.

Come and meet the SLU team for some inspiration.

Where can we find you on social media?

Please check out the new site

Facebook: Passion 4 Portablism / Tommy Rage / Instagram: Passion 4 Portablism/ Mixcloud: DJ Tommy Rage