DJ MenAce (London)

Hardest working man in the DJ industry, and ALWAYS the life of the party, Jeff tells it like it is....

How did you get your DJ name?
I was a bit annoying when I was younger... So my elders called me Lil menAce. That and I played with cards a lot! Came up with a cool name. 

When did you start DJing?
DJ'ing well, properly wanting to learn about 13 years old. I watched my brother do it growing up, so thought why not. Plus other kids in my school were trying to gain that top spot for who was the best DJ. 

& scratching?
That came after - I met a very close friend of mine J Cue. I was about 18 when I thought hmm this is pretty cool. 

What, or who got you into scratching & Djing?
Scratching - Because I smoked alot of weed. Sitting in a room zoning out while one of the guys attempts to do some other type of scratch. DJing - From bedroom to events... Started with a little push from my bro... He paved the way for me to get gigs and be comfy with my crowd.

How did you learn?
I learnt by ear and a few tips from other friends... You know the saying curiosity killed the cat.... Well funnily enough my brother would only let me play with his tunes and decks when he didn't know I was playing 'em... I was happy when he would go out all night... Never told me off.. A lot of girls got some good mixtapes over the years ...

Describe your current portable set up?
My 1st born 'Pete' has a stock tone arm with a Jessie Dean 1st edition cross fader. blutac and loads of stickers. My adopted eBay child, Maddox, was bought from a lovely seller for a steal...start/stop button, new headshell, target light, bluetooth, battery pack, flamethrower and ninjitsu.

Home set up?   
I own a controller!

Any mods/accessories you’re keen to purchase next for your portable turntables?
Flashlight is my main objective, new speaker for the SLU team, merchandise for the fans and an electric scooter! 

Favourite records to cut with?

Any Ritchie Rufftone scratch tool DJ DSK's DNA breaks or Hangout 7” Q-bert Baby Super Seal Vol 2 

Any routine or mix you’re proud of?
Personally any video from my Youtube page - Follow me 

Any memorable gigs/claims to fame?

Hmm the first SLU (SkratchLinkUp) was my favourite moment.. Memorable gig to play was in the West End (London) at 14, sneaked into Capital and played 5 tunes... Then my brother's team did the work, but I remember that 'cos it was my first time seeing the nightlife first hand.
Top 5 scratchers/fave DJs or influences?
Hmmm I can't answer that on the basis that I listen to everything! But for scratchers that taught me; 1. J Cue 2. Doni Brasco 3. DJ Angelo 4. EVERY SLU member since we started jamming, there's no secret techniques or egos and everyone's happy to share knowledge - it's amazing to see everyone's improvement because of this.

Anything else you’d like to promote? - it has my modelling pics on there!

Any advice you'd like to give people learning to scratch?
Keep going, start slow and find your jam... Nothing is wrong if it sounds nice!.. Oh and learn to count beats and bars before jamming with a group.

Any hobbies outside of DJing?   
<editor – due to Jeff's refusal to answer this one with any degree of seriousness, this will be left blank!>   

Where can we find you on social media?   
EVERYTHING IS ---- DJmenAce84 HIT ME UP ON ALL OF EM... even my post code is that!!!