G.O'D. (London)

Few can rock a variety of genres like G.O'D...Gary explains his passion for DJing and scratching....

How did you get your DJ name?  
My initials are G.O’D. I never bothered with a DJ name (though I have had “Nicks” on many websites of ill repute) and Antricks from Battle Ave suggested I should use G.O’D.  

When did you start Djing & scratching?  
I remember vividly: my friend got a twin deck “Disco unit” from the Freemans catalogue for Christmas 1982. I started hanging around his house A LOT, learning how to scratch (with belt drive, no pitch and rotary faders!!) so I can say in all honesty, January 1983  

What, or who got you into scratching and DJing?  

As a kid I loved Kraftwerk, so hearing Planet Rock in '82 made me interested in this thing called Hip Hop and I wanted to do something connected with it. Aside from my friend’s twin turntables, it was obvious: I really cannot dance, I can’t rhyme and I really have no artistic bones in my body; also I was a bit of a geek at that age, so I went with the side that had a modicum of technology attached to it.   


How did you learn?  
There were no PCs or lessons in those days. Basically it was listening to records, tapes and jamming with friends. 

Describe your current portable set up?  

Stock PT01 apart from a Jesse Dean fader and Blu-Tack and a 1p on the tonearm.  

Home set up?    2 x Technics SL1200s  1 x Vestax PMC08 pro  1 x PMC05 Pro mkII with innofader inside  Traktor Scratch Pro DVS

Any mods/accessories you’re keen to purchase next?  
Nah, not really. Perhaps a more solid platter, but I really kinda like it raw  

Favourite records to cut with?  
Everything by Ritchie Ruftone (for 7”) and Cut and Paste records have put out on 12” !

Any mix or production you’re proud of?  

Crikey... LOADS!! I was really big on old “Mastermixes” by DMC, Disconet etc and my computer created mix series (Future Jazz Paradise and .....Out The Blocks) are what I’m most proud of  

Any memorable gigs/claims to fame?  
Probably following David Morales at Ministry of Sound on NYE '94 is my most memorable gig. Claim to fame? I went to the Energy rave near Guildford in 1989 with a Spice Girl.. (her best friend was dating my mate, so no scandal I’m afraid) 

Top 5 DJs or scratchers or influences?  
Chronologically:  Whiz Kid, Ca$h Money, Pogo, Q-Bert, Total Eclipse   

Anything else you’d like to plug/promote?  
Yemman... my Mixcloud page  

Any advice you'd like to give people learning to scratch?  
Patience is the key...  
Any hobbies outside of DJing?  
Hmm, tough one this. Things that have nothing whatsoever to do with Music?  Well, I like Gabba!

Where can we find you on social media?  
Mixcloud as above, @garynod on Instagram and @GODisyourDJ on twitter