Skratchlinkup boss breaks it down!

How did you get your DJ Name?
My DJ name was BATGURL DJ originally, that's when I used to DJ for KPOP Team and other Oriental promoters.  I changed it to Batgiest and Batg for short when I played Aion, NA (PC gaming) and was the Brigade General of a legion with 240 members. I played a Cleric which was categorised as a priest - Bat plus (PR)iest = Batgiest. The idea of naming myself BAT is because of the obvious reason I'm always awake at the bats, and the fact my husband always tells me "Good thinking, Batman" every time I suggested a good plan.

When did you start DJing and Scratching?
I started DJing almost 18 years ago and only started to learn how to scratch almost 2 years ago.

What or who got you into scratching/DJing?
DJing - My husband, Dokio is a DJ - when we were dating and when he moved in with me he brought all his record collection and his 1210s. I was too proud to ask him to teach me but listening to him mix everyday inspired me to teach myself. So, I'd wait until he went to work and I'd figure out how to work the turntables and the functions of the mixer. I practiced on just 2 records every day, “Try Again” (Aaliyah) and “Jigga my n*gga” by Jay-Z. Then one day, I found the courage to show him I could mix both songs without clanging! He was surprised, he then showed me the basics, like the importance of counting, where to drop etc.

Scratching - I regret not learning how to scratch back then, it never really appealed to me at that time, I thought It would be too complicated for me to learn. But then, 2 years ago I saw DJ Flipflop scratching on Facebook, and it was music to my ears. He was practicing live for an hour but his cuts were flawless! and that inspired me to challenge myself to practice and learn.

How did you learn?
I'm self-taught but the only tutorial me and Dok watched on YouTube to start us off was a video of DJ TML on how to transform and flare. I can never learn from tutorial videos as my attention span is really low. I learn by ear, I try to watch videos that are inspiring to me and watch their hands and I try to copy the sound. It took me ages to learn how to crab (scratch). But I still have A LOT to learn! I have many bad habits but it’s okay, this is what makes scratching FUN! Never ending lessons.

Describe your current portable turntable set up
I have the Numark PT01 Scratch. I installed a purple START/STOP button from portablismgear and got my SOLID CUTZ platter from Turntable Training Wax. I bought purple knobs to go with the purple deck tile and faceplate TinySteppa gave me.
I have a Mixfader and Jesse Dean JDDX2R that Ritchie Ruftone gave me at last year’s Portablist Lounge. I also got the mini innofader as a gift from my hubby that I will install once I get a Deck Tile Start/Stop button from TinySteppa, or if not a smaller one.
I also got one old Ion (Numark portable) that DJ Tam Taramtam helped me mod. He fixed the platter and installed the Pro-X Fade that ABBFunk gave me. It's actually my fave fader out of the faders I have.

Home set up?
Our home set up is called the BatCave or the Doktagon. It's where me and my Skratchlinkup fam jam and practice.
We have 3 pairs of Technics 1210s. My pair was customized in white. Mixers: TTM57SL and a modded DJ Tech mixer with fitted innofaders was Tam's Bday present to me. I love both mixers!
DVS: We've been using Serato ever since it came out but we still have our Vinyl collections.

Any mods/accessories you’re keen to purchase next?
So many, but, I’m skint!

Favourite records to cut with?
I love Cut and Paste and SkratchLords records but I usually cut and practice on PracticeYoCuts by (Ritchie) Ruftone.

Any routine/mix/production you’re proud of? 

I'm not that organized and only played from playlists when I used to play with vinyl. But since using serato all my mixes are freestyled - No playlists.  So i guess, my Old Skool Selectunes from Mixcloud, it's not perfect but it reached Top 8, i think.

Any memorable gigs/claims to fame?
Probably when I got booked by Zone-9 to play at Area Club. They have the best crowd to play to!

Top 5 scratchers/DJs?
Hmmm, too many to mention!

Anything else you’d like to promote?
Follow SLU! Join and jam with us!!

Any advice you'd like to give people learning to scratch?
People’s learning curves are different. I always learn the hard way. So I guess, if you can easily follow instructions then find video tutorials online to start with. If you have the money then enrol to DJ Schools. If you have scratch friends, get some tips! But regardless which route you take there is only one way to achieve growth in your journey and that is PRACTICE hard!

Any hobbies outside of DJing?

I like to read anything that interests me on the day but I also love editing videos even if I’m not a pro!

Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram @batgiest